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3D Hologram Roll Stickers

3D Hologram Roll Stickers

3D Hologram Roll Stickers

3D hologram roll stickers are the ones which have specifically made 3D holograms on the rolled out stickers. These stickers are made with special materials to make the stickers shine while also getting holographic shapes.

The hologram stickers are like regular stickers printed from normal materials but, they have special shiny coating on them which gives them a shine effect. The stickers have 3D effects on them which, on viewing from one particular angle gives some unique shape while viewing it from the other angle shows something else.

These stickers are particular on gift items, on books as well as for decoration purposes but, some companies have also opted for the printing of their logo with 3D holograms.

These stickers are made specifically from materials like paper, vinyl and PVC plastic where paper materials is the most common among other while the vinyl material can be used to get transparency and PVC plastics can be used to get the stickers printed in different colors.

3D hologram stickers can be printed in a variety of shapes including custom which lets you add any kind of text or your brand name while the die-cut is useful when you want your stickers to be unique and different from others. You can also select from additional shapes including circular, square and rectangle. offer full-color printing support for the printing of stickers which means you will be able to have your stickers printed in any color or choose to print any kind of image on the stickers.

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