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Bike Roll Stickers

Bike Roll Stickers
Bike Rolls Stickers are made, specifically, for the bikes to denote brand name, the name of the manufacturing company, pet name for the bike brand or the country of make. The bike manufacturers, assemblers, wholesale dealers, retailers or the showrooms get the bike stickers printed in rolls in order to get benefits of large-scale printing of the stickers. In addition to the reduction in costs, the roll stickers can be applied, easily, too stuck the stickers on the bikes during the manufacturing or assembling process, just as a part of the process.

Rollstickersco.co.uk offers five types of stickers; Rectangular, Square, Round, Custom or Die-Cut bike roll stickers. As the bike stickers are supposed to be a part of the bike even during the lifespan of the bike, the good and durable material is applied to print the sticker. Good quality paper, soft cardboard, UV coated material and clear/transparent Vinyl plastic is normally applied to print the bike stickers but preference is given to the transparent stickers made with Vinyl plastic.

Full, sharp, bright and attractive colors are used to print the stickers for the ladies and children but also for the likes of young men. Racing and exercise bikes have different color combinations for the printing of the stickers whereas CMYK colors are also used in rare cases. Embossed or stamped stickers are widely and commonly used for the bikes. But Gold and Silver foiled stickers are rare also printed for the bikes except for those of very costly bikes or at the demand of the customer.

After the cheap and quality stickers, free, safe, in time and prompt delivery of the order is ensured within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size and weight of the order.

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