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Hologram Roll Stickers

Hologram Roll Stickers

Hologram Roll Stickers

Hologram roll stickers are those kind of stickers which have 3D texture on them and they change shape when viewed from one angle and some other shape is showed when it is seen from some other angle.

The hologram stickers are made from specifically crafted colors which gives them special shine and the dual-printing technique is used in the printing of these stickers so that two or more shapes can be seen on them.

The hologram stickers are used on many items including books, doors, windows, tables and even on automobiles. The holograms sticks also used on road signs where a particular sign is showed when viewed from one side and some other sign is showed when viewed from other angle.

The hologram stickers are printed are available in different forms including the traditional shapes like circular, square and rectangular while the custom stickers will let you have any text printed on them. The die-cut hologram stickers can be printed in any unusual shape.

The hologram roll out stickers can be printed with additional detailing on them including emboss or stamping while the foiling can be done in gold of sliver. The UV coating can add one more plastic layer which will give protection to your stickers.

All the ordered items for printing are taken at high priority and we assure that all our orders are shipped before the due date. We try to provide our customers with attractive pricing which will let encourage them to order more and more items. We also offer free delivery on all items printed from us.