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Reflective Roll Stickers

Reflective Roll Stickers

Reflective Roll Stickers

Reflective roll stickers are applied, widely and globally, to display a product, message, warning, information, announcement, publicity, promotion and to stopover/forbade someone from performing a specific act. These stickers are printed to ensure the either to show some object from a distance in daylight or to shine in the night when the light is flashed on them. Reflective stickers are particularly used for the traffic signs/warnings on the road sides or crossroads, at the rear end of the vehicles, at the back of the helmets, at the signboards of shops and on hoarding/billboards. 

Reflective stickers can be either printed on reflective material or with high reflective colors on non-reflective material. offers the printing of Rectangular, Square, Round, Custom and Die-Cut stickers for customers in rolls in order to reduce cost in the large scale printing and paste the stickers while in the manufacturing or assembly lines.

Reflective stickers can be printed on the material, ranging from soft superfine paper, cardboard, UV coated material clear transparent Vinyl plastic. The images and text material is normally printed with full, bright, and reflective colors while the CMYK basic colors can also be applied but at the demand of the customer and as per Marketing Mix of the company and the specific product.

The embossed and stamped reflective stickers leave special effects on the viewers whereas the embossed or stamped stickers, laminated with Gold and Silver foiled stuff, are printed for the luxury items and cars.

Cheap and quality Reflective roll stickers are shipped, free, in time and safely, within United Kingdom regardless of the size of the order.