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Roll Stickers

Roll Stickers

Roll Stickers

Rolls stickers are this kind of stickers which are printed on a roll of paper or some other material and these stickers are usually used for mass use of stickers. The rolling stickers can be used on many occasion including restaurants, automobiles, industrial equipment % material, shops and even your home.

The rolled stickers can also be used on the windows where apply them is very easy as you just need to unroll the paper on the surface and you stickers will start attaching to the surface. These stickers are also useful when you want to show something on the transparent surface like glass table or shelf.

The roll out stickers can be printed from different materials including the cardboard, PVC and vinyl. The cardboard material is used when you want to give classic look to your stickers which will resemble the paper stickers. The vinyl material is used when you want to add transparency to your stickers while the PVC material has solid colors.

The stickers are available in multiple shapes including the traditional circular, square and rectangular ones. While the custom allows you to have any kind of text printed on the sticker and die-cut ones is useful when you want to have your desired shape printed.

We offer personalization options like embossing or stamping which allows us to customize the stickers. The foiling can also be added in gold or silver allowing us to add shine. The UV coating can also be added to add an extra layer of protection to your stickers.

We offer free offers to your customers which allows us to ship the roll stickers free of cost to anyplace in the United Kingdom.